Naruto Contacts
Sharingan Contact Lenses

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  • Sharingan Contact Lenses 

    Get the same eyes of the famous members of the Uchiha Clan and become the most powerful ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village by wearing these Sharingan Contact Lenses !

    These Sharingan Contact Lenses are made of premium Medical Grade PHEMA and specially designed to be used to complete your cosplay and costume of your favorite character for your next convention or next Halloween party !


    • High-Quality Naruto Contact Lenses: Easy to put on and remove without damaging the Corneal epithelium
    • Hypoallergenic Materials: Medical Grade PHEMA
    • Specifics:
        • Water Content: 40%
        • Diameter: ~14mm
        • Base Curve: ~8.6mm
        • Durability: up to 1 year
    • This pack includes: 
        • 2x Contact Lenses
        • A hermetic storage box 
    • Safety:
        • US FDA Approved, Health Canada,
        • ISO Certificate & CE Mark
    • This product doesn't need any medical prescription snd is suitable for any person without health issue and children over 8 years old
    • For more information on how to properly use these lenses, we strongly encourage you to consult your healthcare professional
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