Naruto Necklace
Itachi Uchiha

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  • Today, Naruto Merchandise® brings you its splendid Itachi Uchiha Necklace, an authentic replica of the one weared by the powerful missing-nin from Konohagakure! Itachis Necklace is composed by a nylon necklace where is attached three metal rings.

    • Limited Edition: Not sold in physical stores, this product is an elegant piece of jewelry to wear daily and is perfect to complete your Itachi cosplay costume!
    • Perfect details: Product designed with precision
    • High-Quality Material: Materials used on this product are safe to wear and do not irrate the skin
        • Necklace: Nylon 
        • Ornaments: High-grade Titanium
    • Dimensions:
        • Lenght: 52cm (20,47inch)
        • Ornaments: 1.1cm (0.43inch)
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