Akatsuki Ring
Itachi Uchiha (Steel)

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  • Itachi Ring

    Authentic Itachi Ring worn by Itachi Uchiha, the prodigy of Konohagakure. 

    This Itachi ring is meant to be worn as proof of your membership to the Akatsuki clan on the right ring finger. That you want to complete a cosplay set or just wearing an amazing jewel on a daily basis, this Itachi ring will be the best accessory for any Ninja!

    High-Quality Itachi Akatsuki Ring made with brushed steel with the 朱 symbol (lit. "Shu") meaning "Vermillon".

    This Itachi Akatsuki ring is a remnant of the famous Itachi Uchiha who agreed to become an outcast in the eyes of his village in order to save it from a civil war orchestrated by his own clan...


    • An essential for any Itachi Uchiha Cosplay
    • Premium Brushed Steel: High-Purity Zinc alloy 
    • Universal-Size: The ring adapts perfectly to any circumference
    • Authentic design with outstanding details 
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    NEW: Gift box available!